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Jeff Decker ~ Biography

Jeff is excited about helping to save 6 million lives per year with his upcoming book that he penned with John Cameron as well as their documentary that’s soon to follow.  He’s currently completing a celebrity biography that’s being considered at Sony for miniseries production.  Last fall he ghost-wrote a novel that’s being turned into a film and he just finished helped to sell a pitch to an independent producer, who then hired Jeff to write the screenplay, which he finished in only eight and a half weeks.  Over the holidays he penned a Vanity Fair article for a New York Times best selling author.

His efficient copywriting skills include performing the live-backstage blog for The Emmy’s®, the Golden Globes®, and the Oscars® this past award‘s season for Time Warner®.  He covered the red carpet arrivals, live interaction, and post highlights, all while helping to interview the talent.  In addition he writes for the Yoga Warrior 365™ blog and develops web content for Manduka™.


His precise technical writing skills include having worked for Sony’s® online GSN: writing copy for their ‘Help Notes’, quizzes for ‘Brain Teaser’, along with complex multiple choice questions.


While working on various writing projects, he was also Managing Partner of The Yard neighborhood gastro-pub in Santa Monica.  They received high accolades from Pulitzer Prize winning food critic, Jonathan Gold, who in his LA Weekly review glowingly referred to The Yard:  “…if the L.A. restaurant has a secret blueprint it probably looks a lot like The Yard…it probably could be sealed in a time capsule as an embodiment of the Westside circa 2010…”  He is currently a member of Downtown Santa Monica Inc, the Chamber of Commerce, and received a Sustainable Works Award for environmental practices implemented at The Yard, by reducing their carbon footprint by more than half.