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Patricia Taylor ~ Biography

Patricia Taylor is a modern-day renaissance woman – comfortably multi-dimensional and authentically skilled in a variety of fields.  She is a mother, a writer, an actor, a producer, a fashion designer, a gifted interior designer, and a philanthropist.


Patricia was born in England and fell in love with the theatre at an early age. To hone her skills in theatre arts, she attended the esteemed Gaiety Theatre Academy in Dublin.  Patricia is a prolific writer and has written three scripts. She completed her first novel in the fall, “Stolen Moments.”


Having a desire to give birth to an idea and to see a project move from the pages of a script to the theatre or the big screen, Patricia produced two documentaries. “ Forever 3” is a controversial film that focuses on children with autism.  “Hot Flush Havoc” is a documentary on women’s health. She co-produced and hosted Beauty TV and co-hosted an advanced web-series, New Realities – a series that intrinsically gave viewers a lead into modern New Age prophecies.   Patricia is also involved in a business development for Human Health Organization, a James Camron company (Titanic/Avatar).


Patricia’s flair for the arts is evident in her sense of style and her taste in clothing and fine furnishings.  She has created elegant interiors in estates in England, Spain, Australia, La Jolla and Santa Monica, California. She believes that regardless of the occasion or the venue, appropriate dress is essential and she is launching an elite athletic yoga apparel collection.


Patricia is active in several charitable foundations including the American Red Cross, The Boys & Girls Club of Malibu, and the Boys & Girls Club of Aspen. She is currently working with Clare Cameron, the Executive Director of the Pacific Meso Center.  Patricia has a heart for families whose lives are suddenly interrupted due to debilitating diseases, and has hosted several events to raise money for the River of Life Foundation, a charity that supports children and their families who have been affected by cancer.


Oftentimes, dreams are deferred or never realized because one may think or have been told that having interests in more than one discipline results in being a Jack of all trades and master of none. Not so with Patricia. She moves from one discipline to the other, without fanfare – seamlessly and effortlessly – successfully.